We’re happy to take on complex tasks and difficult challenges, providing efficient solutions based on a targeted and analytical approach. Our expertise and market knowledge give our clients a valuable edge, with active networking helping them to achieve their desired outcomes.

Collaborative process
for setting goals

listen – identify – solve and implement

Together with our clients we define goals, which we want to achieve. For example:

increasing recyclable material

minimizing waste volume

reducing costs in waste shipment of waste

redressing grievances or resolving weaknesses

reducing CO2-related emissions

sustainable development of new business areas

improving operating results and/or commercial success

Structured approach

eWASTE creates a unique process in advance for each task. For instance, here is our service delivery process for a disposal concept:


analyze existing situation

analyze processes, procedures and relationships in the company

identify problems and areas of confusion

work with client to set goals

identify potential for optimization (e.g., use of resources)

implement solutions: depart from conventional or dated operating models

implement new solutions

Our strenghts


Independence is the key to successful consultation. Our only duty is to help our clients reach the best possible quality levels and formulate workable solutions. In particular, we scrutinize each client’s suppliers and partners, examining relationships and exploring the relevant information.


Our objective approach makes it easy for us to survey complex sets of circumstances in a transparent manner, allowing facts and issues to be analyzed from every angle. This the only way we can evaluate the situation accurately and provide results-driven advisory services to our clients.


Our extensive expertise is the key ingredient that enables us to properly assess current issues and short-term challenges in our clients’ interest. As a result, eWASTE constantly endeavors to build on this expertise while operating as a partner to our clients, working on an equal footing.


Confidentiality and discretion are a natural and crucial element of our work. The insights we gain from exploring problems and developing solutions are not passed on to third parties, but are used to enrich our methodology to help us successfully complete future tasks.