Our areas of business

eWASTE provides consulting services to assist clients and partners with waste and resource management. We’ll also work with you to develop new project ideas and help to implement these projects. We provide support in the following sectors:

waste management

waste disposal


 water/waste water





 water/waste water


Our range of services

We provide diverse support. Our services are tailored to our clients’ needs, ranging from classic consulting to project management and development of new business areas in the  circular economy and recycling industry.


disposal concepts, supervised waste management

material flow analysis, waste stream management

waste shipment , commercialization of secondary raw materials

municipal services

M&A, Due Diligence, transformation & transaction

product design, ecodesign, product responsibility

investment projects, investment management

infrastructure projects

Project management

project development

project design and delivery

guidance on integration into the everyday workflow

operation & maintenance

efficient plant operations, performance

 plant engineering – sales support

Business development

market analysis & research

market entry, market development, technology, clients & supplier

development of new technologies

development of new markets and business models

transfer of technology, know-how and experience

we work together witch our customers to overcome 

In their day-to-day work our clients can face new challenges, changes or problems on the following levels:

commercial level (tendering, new competitors, etc.)

legal level (new legislation, change regarding legal obligations)

further development of technologies or standards (new recycling opportunities, new waste streams, etc.)

financial or market-related pressures

 personal resources

 administrative resource